Exporters, Importers & Logistics

Shipments & Claims Administrator

Perfect tool to have shipments and potential claims under control. The documents associated to every shipment can be easily uploaded and shared with your customers though the platfrom.

AI Reports

Gain insights about your business and make data-driven decisions that will bust your efficiency and productivity.

Real-time container tracking

Have full visibility of the supply chain in real time and know the status and location of your container at any time.

Temperature monitoring

Have full visibility of the conatiners temperature in real time.


Delay, changes of routes or new ETA´s will be notified, allowing you to take the necessary steps to avoid potential losses.

Sharing is caring

Access can be granted to receivers and partners so they can see all the shipments they are involved in, making the supply chain more efficient and transparent!

Marine Insurance

Traisure puts Brokers, Underwriters, and Insurance Companies in the position to focus on their core business and do what differentiates them from the rest.

We take care of the whole process, from A to Z, giving our clients the peace of mind that every step of the insurance chain is well taken care of, while they take care of their business.


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